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Rich people deserve more nice things, so here’s a bowling alley just for them


Do you have an obscene amount of money? Are you also inexplicably obsessed with bowling?

Then boy are you in luck, because a bowling alley in Melbourne, Australia has popped up that will set you back at least A$10,000 ($7,691) for a mere three hours-worth of play. Of course, you’re also in luck generally, because you’ve got A$10,000 to blow on absolutely nothing.

The so-called “Pins Royale” experience has been unveiled as part of the new Kingpin Complex in Melbourne’s Crown plaza.

It looks like a lot of fun — if standing in a shiny-looking room while eating disgustingly rich food and playing a game designed largely for children and drunk people is your thing. …

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Wolverine claws toward greatness in the R-rated ‘Logan’


Tentpole season comes very, very early this year with the latest X-Men adventure, Logan. Clint and Ti are joined by Mashable editors Josh Dickey and Laura Prudom to talk mutants, their favorite superhero movies, genre mixing and, most importantly, WOLVERINE!

Visit …

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To sit, or not to sit? THAT is the question.


Will the real conclusive study on the health effects of sedentary behavior PLEASE stand up??? Or sit down … who even knows anymore.

See, it’s like this — every so often a new study comes out declaring that sitting for hours on end is essentially your ticket to an early grave. So then you read it, become increasingly terrified and make a conscious decision to stand more often.

But just when you finally get your standing desk approved by your office manager, another study declares that standing for prolonged periods is equally as threatening to your health. …

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Miss World contestant in wheelchair hopes to make catwalk ‘inclusive and fair’


In an ivory gown, Australian woman Justine Clarke, 26, turned heads at the South Australian state final of Miss World Australia on Sunday.

She also broke boundaries, becoming one of the few women to have competed in a beauty pageant while using a wheelchair. “I want the catwalk to be an inclusive and fair experience for everyone,” Clarke said in a statement.

Clarke has been in a wheelchair for two years, according to The Advertiser.

“For somebody in a wheelchair to be able to compete is a big thing. I really hope it sends a message that no matter what your race, size or disability — whatever makes you different — you are beautiful,” she told the newspaper. …

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What should the Han Solo movie be called? Here are the best options.


This much we can tell you for sure: the still-untitled Han Solo spin-off movie will not be called “Red Cup.”

That’s the working title, a nod to the fact that George Lucas named Solo’s character for the plastic drinks brand. (True story.) But what about the actual title for the standalone film, which as of Tuesday is scheduled for May 25, 2018? Thus far Lucasfilm has it shut up tighter than a smuggling compartment on a Corellian freighter.

This much is likely: the movie name will be officially announced at Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm’s lovefest for fans, this April in Orlando. It’s a favored location for the company to dispense delightful secrets. …

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‘This Is Us’ gives us a road trip we’ll never forget in ‘Memphis’


This recap contains spoilers for This Is Us Season 1, episode 16, titled “Memphis.”

In an episode sure to make Kleenex shares skyrocket, this week’s installment of This Is Us takes us back to William’s early life in Memphis, where we meet his cousin Ricky and learn that William was once on track to become a serious songwriter and musician — until his burgeoning career was derailed by the death of his mother and his subsequent drug addiction.

While in Memphis, Randall also gets to connect with an assortment of heretofore unknown cousins, and in the process, we get to see exactly how delightful he is while drunk. COUSINS! …

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There’s not enough medical marijuana in Australia, so it’s speeding up imports


While Australia is increasingly pro-medical cannabis, it’s still hard to get your hands on the stuff if you’re in need (and have a prescription).

The government has indicated it’s open to speeding things up, with Health Minister Greg Hunt announcing Wednesday that authorities will allow more rapid importation of the drug while a domestic supply is built. Medical cannabis is often used to alleviate pain associated with cancer as well as epilepsy.

Importers will now be allowed to buy from “a reputable supplier overseas,” and store it locally to be distributed via doctors approved to supply medicinal cannabis products. The change is intended to counter delays for patients prescribed medicinal cannabis, who currently have to rely on “case by case” imports from overseas. …

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Anti-Trump protesters spread a powerful message on the Statue of Liberty


A sign unfurled on the Statue of Liberty added to its message about America taking in the “tired” and “poor” and those “yearning to breathe free.” Its words? “Refugees Welcome.”

A small group of activists claimed responsibility for the message and posted about it on the Twitter account Alt Lady Liberty.

Patriots unfurled a massive banner at the foot of Lady Liberty.

When injustice is being perpetuated, we must all stand up#RefugeesWelcome

— Alt Lady Liberty (@AltStatLiberty) …

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