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Review: SeaSucker iPad Mounting System secures your iPad to any surface

There’s nothing remotely stylish or cool-looking about SeaSucker’s $90 iPad Mounting System (also called the Naked Flex Mount on the company’s website), but there’s also nothing I’ve seen that grips an iPad quite as tightly. The Flex Mount consists of a pair of massive, white-rubber-with-orange-accents vacuum cups, paired with a flexible stem (called a Flex Arm) that goes between them.

Once you get over the geeky appearance, it’s easy to appreciate that there’s plenty of power in those 4.5-inch, pump-action vacuum cups. And, yes, I meant to write vacuum cups instead of suction cups—there’s a diference. The Flex Mount’s vacuum cups are much stronger than traditional suction cups thanks to a pump-action design that creates a tight grip on the surface of your iPad or any other tablet or case with a smooth back.

Visible bands on the plungers (in a shade of orange reminiscent of life jackets) are not for decoration. As you use the cup’s pumping mechanism, the band recesses farther and farther into the cup’s housing, until the band is completely hidden—no orange stripe means the seal is tight. If you start to see the orange stripe, that means you should give the pump a couple presses …read more