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Syncing books to Kindle devices and apps

You have one of Amazon’s Kindle ebook readers as well as the Kindle app on an iOS device. When you purchase a Kindle ebook from Amazon, it syncs beautifully between devices—you read to page 212 on one device and when you pick up the other, it asks if you’d like to move to that page on the device you’re currently using.

But suppose you’re picked up an Amazon-compatible ebook from a different site—Project Gutenberg, for example? If you load such a file on a couple of devices you’ll find that they don’t sync. Unless you know the trick that I demonstrate in this video.

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The 28th Annual Editors' Choice Awards

Hundreds and hundreds of products are released for the Mac each year. A few products truly stand out as impressive examples of quality, value, and innovation. These are the products that we recognize with an Editors’ Choice Award.

When it comes to the Eddys (as we affectionately call them), Macworld editors start with a list of candidates; this year, the list included well over 200 products (eligible products must have been released between November 1, 2011, and November 1, 2012). We take a close look at all of the candidates, debate the pros and cons of each, and determine whether a product meets our stringent standards for quality, utility, innovation, value, and excellence. After weeks of deliberation, we assembled a final list.

Ladies and gentlemen, Macworld presents the winners of the Eddy Awards.

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