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Send more than ebooks to Kindle devices and apps

Attentive reader Sarah Wagner wants more from her Kindle. She writes:

I watched your video on syncing books to Kindle devices and apps and thought it was helpful. But I’d like to sync documents other than ebook files. Is that possible?

It is indeed. In that video I showed you that with the free Send to Kindle application on your Mac you can upload Kindle-compatible ebook files to your Kindle. But the Kindle platform supports more than just these files. Also supported are Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), HTML (.html, .htm), RTF (.rtf), JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), Kindle Format (.mobi, .azw, .azw3), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png), BMP (.bmp), and PDF (.pdf) files.

There are a couple of ways to move these files to your Kindle or a Kindle app on your iOS device. The first is the Send to Kindle application I mentioned. Just drag into it the files you want to sync, choose the Kindle devices and apps you wish to sync with, and upload the files to Amazon, where they’ll be synced with the devices you’ve chosen.

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