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Jules Verne-Inspired Interactive Adventure Book ’80 Days’ Now Available on iPad and iPhone

80 Days 4

Imagine what it was like during the age of invention, when cars, airships, and electricity were a new thing. The world would seem vast and nothing would be impossible to the imagination. In Inkle’s newest adventure book, you can live that experience as you journey around the world with the indelible Phileas Fogg as you help him win a bet that he can travel the globe in less than three months.

In 80 Days, players take on the role of Fogg’s valet, Passerpartout, as the duo embarks on a life-changing adventure. You will be asked to choose your response to conversations and situations and everything you say and do will have an effect on things around you.

Not only will you have to be careful how you approach conversation with various characters in the story, but you will also have to plan your strategy for finding quick routs, manage finances, and stock up on goods that will help you along the way.

80 Days 580 Days 3

Players explore various areas of major cities, learning about new inventions, collecting data on possible transportation, and making friends in strange places. Characters you meet have personalities all their own and you must interact with them in such a way as to glean information you can use in the future.

80 Days is a game where you are not the only hero. The characters you encounter, each with their own stories, may be as lost as you are, as beautiful, as venal, as foolish or determined or ridiculous,” says author Meg Jayanth. “When you play 80 Days, Passepartout’s stories — your stories — never go quite where you expect them to. You can change the world of 80 Days and, hopefully, it will change you back.”

80 Days 280 Days 1

Meeting new people is not the only feature of this gamebook. Players will be racing against the clock as Fogg must make it around the world in 80 days in order to win a bet he made before your journey began. The clock continues running while you explore towns and travel from one city to another. If you take too long waiting for the bank to release money to you, a shortcut may be necessary to make up for lost time. However, that shortcut may lead to a dangerous situation. Choose your …read more    

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Microsoft Office Adds PDF Export, Presenter View and Pivot Table Support in Latest Update

Microsoft Office 2

Office for iPad, Microsoft’s robust iOS version of its popular productivity suite has just received an update with a few major new features. Just yesterday, the company added document insertion and better sharing features to OneNote. Today, the three apps that make up Office have each received some major changes that users have been asking for.

The first major update to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad comes with some of the most requested features from users over the past four months since their release on the iPad.

Microsoft Office 5


With version 1.1, users can now enable Presenter View when projecting from the iPad to an AirPlay enabled device. You can see your notes and preview the next slide without having to show your work with others.

Users can also easily import photos and videos directly into a presentation from the camera roll. Embedded media now plays directly on the iPad in PowerPoint.

New erase and pen settings allow you to make annotations during presentations. Users can quickly edit hyperlinks from within the app.

Microsoft Office 4


In this update, users can now sort, filter, expand and collapse, show details, and refresh PivotTables for data that is in one workbook. You can also change how your PivotTable looks using the filter options.

The new flick gesture lets users consume workbooks and select data. Grab a handle, flick it in any direction, and Excel will automatically select from where you started to the next blank cell.

Because users are more familiar with keyboard shortcuts and mouse clips to manipulate data, Microsoft added Edit and Point mode to help users find those familiar shortcuts.

Microsoft Office 1


Version 1.1 also includes Export to PDF, which allows users to export files from all three apps as PDFs. Pictures can be cropped or reset with new photo editing tools in all three apps. Office for iPad now supports third-party fonts so you can import fonts from other apps and use them to create and edit documents.

Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available on the iPad for free. To access all creation and editing features, users will need a paid subscription to Office 365.

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