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July’s #MashPics show how our community is surviving summer


At the end of each month, we round up our favorite photos from the rapidly growing #MashPics collection

Your July Instagram pics featured the most beautiful outdoor weddings, day trips to the shore, cold treats and all of the other things that make summertime so great

It’s always awesome to see what our global audience is up to, and there’s no better way to share moments than in photos. From epic nature walks and extreme summer sports to delicious home cooking, we’ve seen it all. Scroll through the featured images below. …

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Face first is the best way to smash a skydiving world record


A group of 164 talented skydivers from Spain, Australia and the U.S. smashed the vertical skydiving formation world record set by a 138-person team in 2012. We can only imagine the sense of elation these skydivers had upon completion.

It’s probably just the same as zooming in really fast on Google Earth surrounded by a bunch of friends. Probably.

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Mozilla lashes out at Microsoft, says Windows 10 deters user choice


Mozilla, the company behind the web browser Firefox, is accusing Microsoft of discouraging users from changing default applications in Windows 10.

Microsoft’s latest operating system, released this week, changed the way to set preferred applications for Internet browsing, calendar and other apps. Now a user has to work through more options and pages to make basic changes.

The move drove Mozilla CEO Chris Beard to pen an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, urging the company to respect user choice

“It now takes more than twice the number of mouse clicks, scrolling through content and some technical sophistication for people to reassert the choices they had previously made in earlier versions of Windows,” he said in the letter. “It’s confusing, hard to navigate and easy to get lost.” …

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Twitter also wants iOS users to ‘favorite’ tweets with hearts instead of stars


Some Android users since June have seen a small, but significant tweak to Twitter: more hearts and fewer stars. Now it’s iOS users’ turn

The social network has begun rolling out an experimental feature to some iOS users that largely swaps out stars for hearts when users “favorite” or save tweets. However different users are seeing different things. For example, some report seeing hearts only in the Notifications area, while others are seeing the symbols pop up in their feeds, too


Even the heart symbols vary — they’re either circled or standalone …

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Here’s why Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste has bad blood with Taylor Swift


Edward Droste is the lead singer of acclaimed indie rock band Grizzly Bear, a talented Instagrammer and an occasional Vogue columnistTaylor Swift is a pop star, Diet Coke salesgirl, cat person and friend collector. They do not get along.

Just after TSwift seemed so totally done with Twitter feuds for the time being, Droste went up to bat attacking the “Bad Blood” singer for being “calculating” and prompting her army of supermodels to defend her honor. It might seem random, but Droste and Swift have more in common than you might initially guess. They’re both vocal advocates for fair music streaming for artists and — here’s where the connection ends — they’re both honorary fourth Haim sisters. …

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College Board gives in and adds ‘American exceptionalism’ to AP U.S. history


College Board, the nonprofit organization in charge of Advanced Placement U.S. history courses for high school students has revised its standards to focus on the more positive points in American history.

After conservative groups criticized last year’s course redesign for not being patriotic enough, College Board has implemented an amended framework that will include a section titled “American exceptionalism.”

Last year’s standards, implemented in the fall of 2014, made waves around the country — …

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