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In Alaska, Obama warns leaders: ‘We’re not acting fast enough’ on global warming


ANCHORAGE, Alaska — President Obama used a speech to a State Department-sponsored Arctic climate change conference in Alaska on Monday to deliver one of his most urgent and dire warnings to date on the need to address manmade global warming

The speech, which comes at the beginning of a historic three-day visit to the Alaskan Arctic, was clearly aimed at trying to build momentum toward pivotal global climate talks in Paris in early December.

A new climate treaty covering the post-2020 period is supposed to be negotiated at that meeting, and it is viewed as the last feasible chance to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, a threshold world leaders agreed to in 2009. The emissions reduction commitments outlined ahead of that conference so far — including action by the U.S. — would not be sufficient to meet that target. …

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Hillary Clinton likes ‘Parks and Rec’ as much as we do


Hillary Clinton is apparently a Parks and Recreation fan

The former secretary of state kicked off 2010 with a simple request for aide Monica Hanley: “Can you give me times for two TV shows? Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife.”


Image: State Department

For what it’s worth, she also asked Hanley to buy skim milk for her tea and to remind her to bring more tea cups into the office from home.

The email was a minuscule part of the roughly 7,000 pages of correspondence posted on the State Department’s website Monday night. Some were more intrigued with Clinton’s affinity for The Good Wife given the plot. …

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Liam Hemsworth joins Instagram, immediately flirts with Miss Piggy


Liam Hemsworth has joined Instagram, but Kermit might not be thrilled about it

The Hunger Games star’s first post was a flirtatious photo with Muppets’ paramour Miss Piggy. He’s not going to apologise for it either, writing in the caption: “Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world” and “Kermit, #SorryNotSorry.”

Of course, Miss Piggy and Kermit announced they had split earlier this year, so perhaps it’s all water under the bridge at this point.

Hemsworth is set to make an appearance on The Muppets TV show starting in September …

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New Zealand releases shortlist for its new flag and no one’s happy


New Zealand wants a new flag, and it’s going to let the people decide.

After receiving 10,292 flag design submissions from the interested public, many of which amused and horrified the world, the 12-person flag panel has whittled the country’s options down to four

The final contenders contain various symbols important to New Zealand such as the fern frond, the Southern Cross constellation and the koru, a design that represents new life, growth and strength in Māori visual language.

New Zealanders will be able to vote on the flag via a postal referendum later this year. Of course, there’s the possibility that New Zealanders will stick with what they know and vote to retain their current flag. …

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This body pillow talks when you touch it, bringing anime to life in new (creepy) way


Japanese manga and anime are two of the country’s most recognizable pop culture exports, with the likes of One Piece and Attack on Titan attracting die-hard followers across the globe. Obsessed fans — often referred to as otaku — pay tribute to their favorite two-dimensional characters in a variety of ways. On the milder side are those with sprawling action figure collections, and others who play dress-up at cosplay conventions. Hardcore otaku take the obsession further: “marrying” their 2D crush, and even sleeping with objects bearing the character’s resemblance.

Japanese entrepreneur Koichi Uchimura (pictured above) falls into the latter category. When I met him at a …

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