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A new dynasty began in the latest episode of ‘Empire’


Cookie Lyon, meet your newest nemesis: Thurston “Thirsty” Rawlings

Played by The Wire vet Andre Royo, Rawlings is a fast-talking lawyer who schmoozes his way into Lucious’ defense team. He’s slick, always in a colorful suit and is absolutely, unequivocally not to be messed with. Though he says he’s not afraid to play dirty at the start of this episode, he really proves it by the end. Highly connected, manipulative and violent, he’s a dream come true for Lucious, but a nightmare for anyone who crosses him

The episode started off a bit slowly, with Cookie, Andre and Hakeem strolling out of Empire with a box full of belongings. It’s time for the trio to regroup and figure out how to be competitive with Jamal and Co …

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LG’s new Watch Urbane is Android Wear’s first LTE-equipped smartwatch


The watchphone is finally starting to become a reality.

While not the first smartwatch with cellular connectivity (Samsung’s made a few already), LG’s newly announced second-generation Watch Urbane is the first Android Wear smartwatch with LTE in it.

The Watch Urbane doesn’t ditch its Urbane genes and that’s too bad because the Urbane is a terrible smartwatch that’s incredibly uncomfortable to wear.

Instead of putting the new Watch Urbane on a diet, LG’s actually gone and made the screen larger. The new smartwatch has a round 1.33-inch P-OLED display with a higher 480 x 480 resolution compared to the original Urbane’s 1.3-inch 320 x 320 resolution. …

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Hitting Jell-O in slow motion with a tennis racket is mesmerizing


The Slow Mo Guys have returned yet again to deliver high quality eye candy.

The YouTubers are famous for filming ridiculous events, obviously in slow motion, like a man exploding out of a giant water balloon, or a taser hitting someone’s bare skin.

This time the video was inspired by a picture submitted to Reddit, a Jell-O advertisement claiming that their product will essentially be cut into rectangles if hit with a tennis racket. Although the advertisement is a bit exaggerated, this is essentially what happens

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Car totalled after GPS system directed the driver onto a train track


Proving yet again that technology is not foolproof, a man drove onto a train track in Melbourne, Australia after following GPS directions.

After driving onto the tracks on Wednesday night, the driver tried to reverse his car out of the predicament, Victoria Police said in a statement. The car ended up becoming stuck on the tracks, in the path of an oncoming train

The man escaped uninjured, abandoning his car before the train hit. While the car ended up being pushed about 15 metres before coming to a standstill. The 13 passengers aboard the train were also unhurt. …

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LG’s power-packed V10 phone has a second screen that’s always on


The LG V10 is not your typical Android smartphone. I think it’s fair to call LG’s V10 the world’s first ultra phone.

How so? Let’s start with its two screens. In addition to the 5.7-inch QuadHD display, there’s a smaller secondary screen that’s physically connected to it, but operates as a completely separate display that’s always on 24/7. The second screen can display notifications, app shortcuts and settings. In certain apps, the second screen can also show additional menu settings without hogging up space on the main screen.

Or that the V10 has two front-facing 5-megapixel cameras for ultra-wide selfies (and no 3D depth-sensing gimmicks)? Or that it has an aluminum frame made from stainless steel and back made from Dura Skin, a silicone-like material that can absorb shock like no other device when the phone’s dropped? …

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Secret Service officials tried to embarrass critical congressman


Scores of U.S. Secret Service employees improperly accessed the decade-old, unsuccessful job application of a congressman who was investigating scandals inside the agency, a new government report said Wednesday. An assistant director suggested leaking embarrassing information to retaliate against Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, chairman of the House oversight committee.

The actions by the employees could represent criminal violations under the U.S. Privacy Act, said the report by the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general, John Roth. “It doesn’t take a lawyer explaining the nuances of the Privacy Act to know that the conduct that occurred here — by dozens of agents in every part of the agency — was wrong,” the report said. …

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