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Latest HoloLens demo dazzles with holographic robot spiders and game controllers


Earlier this year, when Microsoft revealed its augmented reality (AR) device called the HoloLens, the demonstrations blew everyone away

Since then (now that more people have had a chance to try it in-person), the hype has died down a bit, but the demonstration videos still manage to stir a bit of excitement about the prospect of manipulating holograms in our everyday lives. The latest demo from Autodesk, the 3D design software company, doesn’t disappoint either

In the video, we see designers wearing the HoloLens in collaborative engineering sessions, crafting everything from …

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The VTech data breach shows kids are just as vulnerable to hacking


Toy maker VTech on Friday admitted that 5 million of its customer accounts — including at least 200,000 accounts related to children — had been breached.

The admission came the massive hack was first reported by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai of Motherboard. Microsoft developer and security evangelist Troy Hunt wrote more about the breach and what information was taken.

VTech’s initial response to the incident has been to emphasize that no financial data was taken in the breach. But as Franceschi-Bicchierai shared in a …

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10 photos that show off our dazzling, magical sky


Last week, we challenged our Instagram community to capture beautiful skies in their photos

We saw breathtaking rainy day window shots, silhouette portraits against warm sunsets, starry nights hiding behind thick fog and more.

Our guest host was Brighton Galvan, a creative director and photographer from California.

“There are so many great photos here from the challenge, I’m honored to have been a part of it,” Galvan said. “I love seeing people post great work on social media — it always inspires me.”

Check out Galvan’s favorite …

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Badass crocodile duels another croc to the bitter end, because Australia


Nature is definitely tough, but probably not as tough as this croc.

Pictures of a crocodile battling another croc to almost certain death in the Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park in tropical north Queensland were captured by Sandra Bell and posted on the Queensland National Parks Facebook page on Tuesday

Tuesday is also the first day of summer for Australians, but probably the start of killing season for some creatures.

See also: …

Suffice to say, these pictures are kinda intense.

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Kevin Durant rips media for ‘treating Kobe Bryant like sh*t’


Plenty of basketball writers are making a joke of Kobe Bryant’s dilapidated form as he struggles toward his announced retirement after this season

But one Kobe fan is having none of that. His name is Kevin Durant

Durant — the 2013 NBA MVP and one of the league’s biggest stars — ripped the media at large on Monday, a day after Bryant announced he plans to retire from the NBA after 20 legendary seasons

Here is Durant’s rebuke of the media, as well as the innocent question that prompted it, via Oklahoman writer Anthony Slater

Kobe announced his retirement last night. He’s a guy you grew up watching and got to know. What was your first thoughts when you heard this would be it for him?

I did idolize Kobe Bryant. I studied him, wanted to be like him. He was our Michael Jordan. I watched Michael toward the end of his career with the Wizards and I seen that’s what Kobe emerged as the guy for us. I’ve been disappointed this year because you guys (media) treated him like shit. He’s a legend and all I hear is about how bad he’s playing, how bad he’s shooting, time for him to hang it up. You guys treated one of our legends like shit and I didn’t really like it. Hopefully now you can start being nice to him now that he decided to retire after this year. It was sad the way he was getting treated. He had just an amazing career, a guy who changed the game for me as a player mentally and physically. Means so much to the game of basketball. Someone I’m always gonna look to advice for anything. Just a brilliant, brilliant, intelligent man. Sad to see him go. He put his mark on the game.

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Ted Cruz on contraception: ‘Last I checked we don’t have a rubber shortage in America’


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told supporters on Monday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running her presidential campaign as the “condom police” and is trying to “scare a bunch of folks into thinking someone’s going to steal their birth control.”

During a campaign stop in Bettendorf, Iowa, Cruz was asked by an attendee about “making contraception available to women who want to control their own bodies,” according to a CNN report.

Cruz went on to attack Clinton as supporting “abortion on demand in all circumstances up until the moment of birth.” He went on to say that as a lifelong conservative, he had never met another conservative that wanted to ban contraceptives. …

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