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Latest Snapchat hack leaked employee information

Well, this is awkward: Not long after Snapchat was bragging to potential investors about its ephemeral social app garnering some 8 billion daily video views, the company has admitted that it fell prey to a phishing attempt. A post on the company’s bl… …read more      

Families of San Bernardino survivors are split on the Apple-FBI case


WASHINGTON — A schism is emerging among family members of victims and survivors of the December’s shootings in San Bernardino, California, with at least one couple supporting Apple in its battle against a federal court order to help the FBI hack into a shooter’s locked iPhone.

Salihin Kondoker, whose wife, Anies, was shot three times during the Dec. 2 attack but survived, sent U.S. Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym a two-page letter Monday expressing support for Apple’s position in the case that has pitted digital privacy rights against national security concerns. …

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Clinton and Sanders spar in Massachusetts ahead of Tuesday vote


BOSTON — The Democratic divide in Massachusetts was laid bare on Monday, with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both campaigning here ahead of an anticipated close outcome.

Massachusetts is seen as a key test of Clinton’s frontrunner, and if she wins here the former secretary of state would deal a major blow to Sanders’ hopes for an upset.

The most recent poll of Massachusetts Democratic primary voters found Clinton drawing 50% of the vote to Sanders’s 42%. According to the survey, released by Suffolk University on Sunday, 8% remain undecided.


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Hillary Clinton takes the fight to Donald Trump, Republicans in Virginia


NORFOLK, Va. — Hours before voters in 11 states, including Virginia, hold Democratic nominating contests on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton set her sights on the general election.

The former secretary of state’s stump speech spent little time on her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, instead positioning herself as the best candidate in a likely general election contest with Donald Trump.

Reprising a line that she’s used in other speeches around the country, Clinton declared that she “personally believe[s] America is and always has been great.”

“What we need to do is make America whole again,” Clinton said Monday in Norfolk, calling for a debate that focuses on “issues, not insults.” …

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Australian farmers use thousands of sheep to spell anti-gas message


No this is not a request for awesome tunes, it is a protest against gas mining.

Farmers in the south-west of Victoria, Australia have taken to the paddock with a flock of sheep to voice their protest towards the further exploration of unconventional gas reserves in their area.

Around 2,000 peckish sheep converged to spell out the words “ban gas,” as part of a coordinated effort led by local farmer Mal Rowe.

“We thought, well, rather than us just saying ‘ban gas,’ we thought we’d get some of the animals together that will be potentially affected by it to spell it out,” Rowe told

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The most spectacular outfits of this year’s Tokyo Marathon


More than 36,000 runners and 1.7 million roadside spectators, went to the Tokyo Marathon this year, according to organisers.

Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia was the men’s winner, and Kenya’s Helah Kiprop won the women’s race while setting a new course record, to boot.

Amid those fighting for marathon glory, there were some spectacular costumes on display that did not fail to delight the crowd.

A woman dressed as Waldo from the “Where’s Waldo?” series.

Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO

A runner dressed as a minion.

Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO …

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Rainbow doughnuts are here to give you infinite joy


Just when you thought donuts couldn’t get any better, in comes the rainbow donut.

Last October, Brooklynites went wild on rainbow bagels. So Moe’s Dough, also in Brooklyn, recently decided to capitalize on the trend and invented the glorious rainbow donut. The donuts sold out on Sunday, their release day, because who doesn’t want a rainbow donut?

The donut appears to come in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Not only that, there are two types of rainbow doughnuts — one with rainbows on the outside, and one with rainbows on the inside.

But who who cares what the difference in taste is? It’s a donut that is rainbow — and that is good enough.

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