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Jack White sent a playing record into space

A device capable of playing a record while in flight was successfully launched into space earlier this month and now the man behind the project, rocker Jack White, is sharing the results.

White’s record label, Third Man Records, successfully launched the Icarus Craft some 94,000 feet (just shy of 18 miles) above the earth. And, the entire time, the craft successfully played a vinyl record, a recording of Carl Sagan’s “A Glorious Dawn.”

According to the label, the craft was designed by the label’s electronics consultant Kevin Carrico and was launched on July 2 outside of Marsing, Idaho. Carrico was assisted by …

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Justin Timberlake gives inspirational speech stressing diversity, honoring Muhammad Ali

On Sunday night, Justin Timberlake was the recipient of the Decade Award at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards and during his acceptance speech he talked about being inspired by diversity and Muhammad Ali.

After receiving the award from Kobe Bryant, Timberlake gave a heartfelt speech, saying:

Timberlake also paid homage to Muhammad Ali, imparting wisdom he took from the boxing champion who …

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Dancing kakapo GIF takes over the Imgur front page; wins all the hearts

It all started with a dream. A of ensuring an endangered species was kept from extinction. That sort of mad-cap enthusiasm is what lead to the front page of Imgur being populated entirely with GIFs of New Zealand bird superstar, Sirocco the kākāpō.

The kākāpō looks like a well-aged owl, is known to smell similar to a musty cupboard and forgets that it can’t fly so runs about the forest floor pretending to take off.

I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly

Image: BBC TWO via imgur

The species is teetering dangerously on the brink of extinction, with only 125 thought to be left. The birds are kept alive by the …

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‘The Night Of’ destroys alliances and tries to build more

The Night Ofs fourth episode opens with a shot of the charred remains of Naz’s prison bed.

That one shot gives everything you need to know for the coming details of his increasingly complicated life. Basically, nowhere is safe. He doesn’t have a single person, situation or place that is fireproof. No security. No safety. No support.

The lack of a foundation of security allows for looseness. Without bonds to tie Naz to a particular safety net, he gains freedom. Specifically, it is a freedom of choice.

Tonight’s episode, called “The Art of War” saw many characters exercising that freedom. Big decisions were made, which led to alliances destroyed and some new ones built. …

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Don’t bore Jean-Claude Van Damme, otherwise he’ll just walk out

Jean-Claude Van Damme can certainly handle a lot, as seen in his many action movies and that infamous leg split between two trucks.

He can’t handle boring questions, though.

Van Damme walked out of an interview over satellite with Australian breakfast television show Sunrise on Thursday. “Those questions you’ve been asking me, the press, they’ve been asking me the same questions for the last 25 years. ‘Kylie, how’s your training, how’s your this, how’s your that,” he said.

Van Damme did the interview to help promote his speaking tour Down Under in August, but explained that the dull questions were “difficult to answer” and “making him sweat.” …

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Aussie politician commentates her own bizarre documentary via Facebook Live

It’s being called the Pauline Hanson “social media echo chamber” and it’s the weirdest thing you’ll see on the internet all day.

The right-wing Australian politician was the subject of a less-than-flattering documentary on TV Sunday night, and it was one she decided to commentate via Facebook Live from the comfort of her creepy, dimly-lit living room.

Meta and not unlike Chatroulette (if you happened to be playing an unnerving round with a conservative politician.)

Starring in her own version of Goggle Box, the hard-right senator ended up saying very little during most of the screening of Pauline Hanson: Please Explain. “The elitists, the lefties, the minority groups” are really ruining the country, of course, but there was a lot more. …

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The DNC and relationship drama shined on Instagram this week

The Democratic National Convention dominated the news this week, and many attendees shared sweet photos capturing the experience on Instagram.

Insta was also a platform for some relationship drama – Rob Kardashian made numerous changes to his account and left us questioning everything about his relationship with fiancée Blac Chyna. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan asked her followers to respect her privacy during a difficult time.

Of course, some Instagram posts simply made us smile. A blogger expressed her body positive epiphany and Amy Schumer ate cake in an innovative new way. Meanwhile, John Stamos gave us visions of Uncle Jesse circa 1989 and your favorite High School Musical gals rocked out together. …

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Neil Gaiman uses Prisma art app to post selfie on Instagram

Let there be no further doubt that Prisma, the app that turns your photos into artistic masterpieces, is a hit.

None other than famed author Neil Gaiman took to Instagram on Sunday to post a selfie using the app, and the result is almost as cool as a panel from one of his graphic novels.

“Started to shave beard off but got too sleepy so just turned it into a styled beard instead. But it dies soon,” wrote Gaiman on the Instagram post accompanying the image.

Prisma has taken off in recent weeks as users have flocked to the app that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to mimic the painting and drawing styles of famous artists. The app was initially only available for iOS, but …

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