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Trump was caught practicing his speech, so the internet made jokes


It was a big night for Donald Trump: his first major address to a joint session of Congress. His last big speech was at his inauguration and only clocked in at about 15 minutes, so Tuesday night’s one-hour address was going to be a bigger challenge.

That’s why he needed to practice beforehand. He was spotted in his limo going over what we assume were some tough parts of the speech just before he arrived at the Capitol.

Trump sure looks like he’s practicing his speech here

— Axios (@axios) …

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Morphing ‘tent house’ is all your tree change daydreams realised


Need another dream home to fantasise about? Of course you do. And being half-tent, this one will make you feel like you’re camping forever.

Blurring the line between the outdoors and indoors, this “tent house” sits on the Noosa Hinterland in Queensland, Australia. It’s designed by Sparks Architects, it’s perfect for the kind of person who enjoys being in nature, while simultaneously being bougie as heck.

The walls around the home can slide open, while the roof retracts, so you can bask in the tropical air.

Image: Christopher Fredrick Jones …

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Sorry Beyoncé fans, here’s who you’ll get at Coachella instead


The organizers of Coachella have found Beyoncé’s replacement.

It’s Lady Gaga! Which is cool, but … she’s not Beyoncé.

They could have replaced her with Jesus and Elvis fresh from a time machine and some people would still be disappointed.

Let’s party in the desert! 🌴✌️🎤

— xoxo, Joanne (@ladygaga) March 1, 2017

After it was originally announced Beyoncé was performing, both weekends of Coachella sold out in three hours. And the general admission starting price was $399. (Record time for a Coachella sellout, according to …

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NVIDIA reveals its $700 top of the line GTX 1080 Ti

Last year we called NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 “the upgrade you’ve been waiting for,” and now PC gamers have another high-end graphics card to drool over. Now, at GDC 2017 CEO Jen-Hsun Huang presented its successor, the GTX 1080 Ti, which promises “35… …read more      

Twitter pairs Trump’s big speech to Congress with a new top commentary feature


Twitter is taking a stronger hand in selecting what tweets you see alongside the voice of President Donald Trump.

Timed with the president’s first speech to a joint Congress, Twitter released a new feature that surfaces “top commentary” alongside live-streaming video. Twitter’s video feed was from PBS NewsHour and included a panel of guests.


— Kerry Flynn 🐶 (@kerrymflynn) March 1, 2017

Twitter launched its premium live video experience last year with NFL games…

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Fireball video provokes UFO debate because we’re desperate for aliens


We should know better by now. We’ve said it before: It’s not aliens. It’s never aliens. Stop saying it’s aliens.

In fact, sometimes the most spectacular-looking “UFOs” in our skies are actually pretty mundane.

On Tuesday, Lee-Anne Peters rose just before sunrise in Hobart, Tasmania. She was making cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday when she “noticed this strange thing in the sky.” She thought it was a plane at first, but her daughter speculated that it looked more like a meteor thanks to its fiery tail. “It was definitely quite an exciting start to the day,” she said. …

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Congresswomen in white troll Trump to his face during joint address


The Democratic women of Congress dressed up for Donald Trump’s first address Tuesday night, but it was to make a strong statement.

Dozens dressed in white and filled the rows of seats right in Trump’s line of vision to call out for women’s rights.

Their color choice dates back to the suffragettes of the early 1900s, who were known for wearing white while campaigning to bring voting rights to women.

Good look at some of the congresswomen wearing all-white to tonight’s #Jointsession

— Marcus Gilmer (@marcusgilmer) …

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Uber’s Travis Kalanick: Yep, I’m a jerk, basically


Hey, it’s a day of the week ending in “y;” must be time for yet another Travis Kalanick apology.

After a video of the ride hailing company CEO berating an Uber driver emerged Tuesday, Kalanick sent a note to staff, which was subsequently shared as a blog post.

Saying he treated the driver, Fawzi Kamel, “disrespectfully,” Kalanick apologized to him as well as the wider Uber team and community.

“To say that I am ashamed is an extreme understatement,” he wrote. “My job as your leader is to lead … and that starts with behaving in a way that makes us all proud. That is not what I did, and it cannot be explained away.” …

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Watch Netflix’s first look at Bong Joon-ho’s new monster movie ‘Okja’


Tilda Swinton’s line “I took nature and science, and synthesised,” is simple enough, but in the first teaser to director Bong Joon-ho’s upcoming Netflix film, Okja, it carries a lot of meaning.

The follow up to Snowpiercer, Bong’s new movie explores the liminal state between animal and man.

The film co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano and Lily Collins. It’s central character, however, is Mija — a young girl who seeks to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her friend.

Her friend happens to be a massive “synthenised” beast called named Okja, that kind of looks like a pig-ish, elephant-skinned creature with very human eyes. …

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