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Social publisher LittleThings shuts down, citing Facebook algorithm changes


From humble beginnings as a blog for a pet food venture, in four years LittleThings accrued millions of followers and views on its social platforms through feel-good content.

But the publisher announced that it would be no more on Tuesday, putting the blame largely on Facebook’s algorithm changes in an email to all staff, published by Business Insider.

Facebook’s “prioritisation of friends/family content over publishers was the last straw” for LittleThings, something which the social media platform implemented …

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Air New Zealand’s ‘coolest’ safety video in Antartica prompts backlash


Air New Zealand has produced some stellar safety videos and ads in the past, but their latest set in Antarctica is prompting backlash.

Starring Entourage actor turned activist Adrian Grenier, the pre-flight safety video takes viewers on a journey around Antarctica and the important conservation work being done there.

Grenier meets up with scientists from Scott Base to track penguin populations, explains ice core samples and pays a visit to the hut of early Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Air New Zealand said Scott Base staff and scientists doubled as talent for the video, while a total crew of just six travelled to Antarctica to minimise the environmental impact of filming, …

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A game where David Lynch teaches you to type, while breaking the fabric of reality


We all remember sitting in front of the computer screen in middle school while the typing teacher droned on about the proper placement of your right index finger.

Then suddenly he transformed into The Man from Another Place, dancing in his red suit, and leaning over to whisper backwards English into your ear.

OK, so maybe that last bit would only happen if you were being taught how to type by renowned surrealist filmmaking David Lynch. And that’s the TL;DR of Rhino Stew Productions’ …

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Monumentally stupid tweet blows up in blockchain company’s face


The blockchain can’t solve for stupid.

That painful truth hit the internet-of-things blockchain project Waltonchain hard today, with one Twitter huge fuck up leading to the erasure of tens of millions of dollars in the market cap of its associated Walton Coin.

And people are pissed.

Here’s what went down: On Feb. 8, the team behind Waltonchain …

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The ice on Lake Michigan has turned blue. Here’s why.


The ice on portions of Michigan’s Great Lakes has turned blue, but don’t worry, there’s a perfectly good reason why.

The phenomenon is common on glaciers, but not so much on large swathes of lake ice. It’s happening where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron, at a place called the Straits of Mackinac. There, fat slabs and mounds of cracked blue ice have collected near the shorelines.

Local photographer Tori Burley captured the image above.

The ice, however, is not actually turning blue. The color is a result of the way sunlight is bouncing off this particular ice, explained Ted Scambos, a research scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, in an interview. …

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Here’s Vero CEO’s proof he was no longer involved in Saudi Oger during employee riots


Ayman Hariri, CEO of viral social app Vero, has shared a document that shows he was not financially tied to or running Saudi construction company Saudi Oger when it left thousands of migrant workers destitute and homeless.

The decision followed …

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