A ‘Vampyr’ TV show is on the way

If you’re looking for a new supernatural television series, you’re in luck (if you don’t mind waiting a while). Fox 21 Television Studios will produce a new show based on the video game Vampyr by the developer of Life is Strange, Dontnod. The title c… …read more      

Surprise! Netflix suddenly cancels ‘The Break with Michelle Wolf’


Netflix isn’t known for being quick to cancel or even do much quality control with its glut of original content.

But the streaming service confirmed that the company would not be ordering additional episodes of The Break with Michelle Wolf. The move comes as a bit of an unpleasant surprise, considering the cancellation is happening a mere four months after the variety show debuted on May 27.

Reportedly The Joel McHale Show is being cancelled, too, after only a 19-episode run that started back in FebruaryThe Break only aired 10 episodes total.

The reasoning behind the premature cancellation of Wolf’s show remains unclear. …

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Here’s why the feds are freaked out about a drone attack


U.S. officials sent out a warning after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was attacked with explosive drones in a failed assassination attempt.

The Aug. 4 attack targeted Maduro while he was giving a speech in Caracas. He was unharmed but seven soldiers were hurt. It raised concerns worldwide that commercial drones could be used to harm people.

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Netflix is testing ads and people are freaking out


Say it ain’t so.

The company that almost single-handedly introduced us to binging video has apparently gone decidedly old-school with the latest innovation being tested on its platform. That’s right, Netflix is running commercials.

So reports Cord Cutter News, which notes that the streaming giant is showing some subscribers ads for other video content between shows.

We reached out to Netflix in an attempt to determine just how many users are affected and other details about this brazen attempt to mess with our streaming bliss, but received no response as of press time. However, the company did confirm the news in a statement provided to Cord Cutter News. …

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