This $20 device is half flashlight, half plasma beam lighter


When Morrissey and Johnny Marr wrote There Is a Light That Never Goes Out for the Smiths, they were obviously singing about falling in love so hard that you don’t mind getting trampled by a double-decker bus. But when we hear that song we can’t help but think about Sparkr Mini, a nifty gadget that is equal parts plasma lighter and flashlight, essentially making it a light that literally never goes out.

Perfect for times when you’re roughing it out in the woods, the Sparkr Mini combines a light and fire starter in one portable and USB-rechargeable tool, so you only have to carry one device for igniting a fire and beaming light. The built-in lighter doesn’t even require butane. Instead, it uses plasma to create an electrical arc instead of flame, which means it would still work in wind, rain, or snow. …

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